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She sells sea shells by the sea shore
Someone from the past


Seashells are composed of calcium carbonate. They are generally found along beaches and home small creatures called mollusks.
For us, seashells can serve as decorative items or be a part of a collection.

This particular collection showcases five different shells which were carefully removed from their locations around
the beautiful country that is Australia.

Conch Shell

When someone thinks of a seashell, the conch is what most people think of. It is the most classic shell that houses some of the greatest sea creatures.

The conch can come in many different sizes, shapes and colours. They look a bit like telephones.

Legend has it that you can hear the sea when you put your ear to one.

The Horn

This Shell looks somewhat like a narwhal horn.
This particular horn species belongs to the family Potamididae. It can house small mollusks that might be skinny.

The 'Horn' shell is very pointy.

The Clam

The Clam shell is actually half of a clam shell. The other half seems to be missing.

Once upon a time, there lived a clam inside this shell.
Did you know? There are over 15,000 species of clams and over 150 edible species.

Tiger Shell

The tiger shell has quite a unique pattern. It has many layers and would makes a nice decorative item.

The mollusk that lived in this shell must've been quite the fashionista.

Scallop Shell

This shell has a nice pink hue to it. It probably belonged to a scallop.

Coincidently, this scallop shell also has scalloped edges and looks a bit like fan.

It's a bit ugly, but its what on the inside that counts.

The Collector

Collectors of seashells are called "conchologists". This collection was collected by someone who goes by the name Alice Tran. She is very passionate about finding unique shells.

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